For the first time in the world, R&D experts of GOLRIZ Co. have achieved to produce intelligent tissue paper including facial tissue, towels and toilet paper, having anti-bacterial, anti-Fungus and anti-viral properties by employing Nano-Silver particles. These new hygiene products would be known under the brand of NANOTEX™.
Various tests such as XRD, SEM, TEM, DLS, Mass Spectroscopy, SLS, SAXS, PCS, AAS and anti-bacterial ones were performed on NANOTEX™, due to obtaining production licenses from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Presidential Campaign of Development In Nano Technology and Department of Health. Furthermore, Iran PASTEUR Institute took charge for the quality control of these hygiene products.
It is worthy to note that additional tests including stimulation, skin irritation, inhalation, taste and mucous were done on Albino doe and Arion Lusitanicus snail. NANOTEX™ passes all the tests successfully.

Why NANOTEX™ is the First World's Intelligent Tissue?

Dear Consumers due to following reasons, so far intelligent Nano tissue has not been produced in any part of the world:
  1. It should be noted that Nano-Silver solution is dark-brown or black, so applying such solution on paper tissue, makes the final product become completely turbid. For the first time in the world, R&D experts of GOLRIZ Co. have achieved to resolve turbidity issue and produce a bright paper tissue while it contains Nano-Silver solution.
  2. Silver-Nanoparticles on the tissue are activated in damp environment. Therefore, in such places Silver-Nanoparticles start to kill microbes around, even before opening the box, so they will lose their anti-bacterial effect. R&D inventors of GOLRIZ Co. could effectively preserve anti-bacterial properties of Silver-Nanoparticles on the tissue inside the packaging before using it in humid conditions.
  3. Numerous experiments indicated that it is too complicated to make smooth coating of Silver-Nanoparticles on the surface of tissue paper by 2 PPM concentration, to provide the highest anti-bacterial function. GOLRIZ specialists have been able to achieve the highest levels of microbial inactivation with uniform distribution of Silver-Nanoparticles on NANOTEX™ with 2 PPM concentration.

Applications and Advantages of NANOTEX™

Unique features of the intelligent tissue paper could be described as follows:
  1. Wash your hands with just water and then dry them by NANOTEX™ tissue. It will kill the pathogenic agents and reduce the number of microbes on your hands greatly.

  2. Clean up the surfaces just by water and NANOTEX™ tissue. First spray water on the surface you intend to clean, then dry it off by NANOTEX™ tissue. It is guaranteed that the microbes of the surface will be removed effectively.

  3. Use NANOTEX™ tissue as a mask in crowded and contaminated places (such as hospitals, Dr offices, schools, bus stations, …) , Nanoparticles on tissue surface will trap and eliminate pathogenic agents and microbes immediately.

  4. Covering your mouth by NANOTEX™ tissue while sneezing or coughing, will prevent pathogenic agents from dispersion and spreading around.

It should be said that to get better and more effective result from this product, it is necessary to wet your hands and different surfaces first and then dry them by using the NANOTEX tissue. Also you can first wet the tissue and use it afterwards. In this way this product will act like strong microbicides.

In Iran, it is more common to use tissue paper box, towels and toilet paper, that is why the final products in Iran are in these forms. Surely the pocket handkerchiefs can be produced if they are demanded.

Quality Check process has been done under supervision of Iran PASTEUR Institute. And this product has the confirmation of the Institute and it has US patent (USPTO) and international WIPO PCT registration.

GOLRIZ company is able to produce antimicrobial paper tissue (anti microbe, anti virus, anti fungus) not only by using Nano-silver technology , but also by using other materials that have U.S. FDA approval. Therefore for the countries related to FDA for producing or exporting, the process doesn’t take long time for FDA approval tests, because they already have the approval.

Our company is ready to transfer the technical knowledge and also accepts any joint production programs with the companies that are interested.